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Development Of The Paper Packaging Industry


Among the four packaging materials of paper, plastic, metal and glass, the growth of paper products is fast, and the price of paper is cheap, which can be recycled or used as plant fertilizer to purify the environment. So how do paper packaging materials develop? Experts believe that the development of the paper packaging industry is as follows:


High quality and light weight of packaging paper, cardboard and cardboard


In order to make full use of natural resources and reduce the cost of postal and transportation as much as possible, the production of cardboard and paper boxes is the development trend of paper products in the world. China has proposed low quantitative in newsprint, letterpress and offset printing paper, and has already begun to solve it. Packaging paper and paperboard should also achieve high quality, light weight and variety. Especially for large-scale corrugated base paper and kraft paper, according to the large demand for high-grade packaging boxes in the domestic market, three low-quantity products should be added under the premise of appropriately improving the quality of the original products, that is, 100g/m2 of corrugated paper as a new variety, kraft paperboard added 210g/m2 and 200g/m2 as new varietys.


Development of functional special cardboard for food packaging


China's current whiteboard paper varieties are single, there is no classification for distinguishing different packaging materials, and there is no special food packaging paperboard for different functions required by different foods for packaging materials.


Although there are provisions on the raw materials and hygienic indicators of food packaging papers in China, there is no paperboard variety specially used for food packaging, so that most Chinese food boxes use gray-white board paper. Pastry boxes, fast food boxes and other food packaging paperboard, because it does not have oil resistance, the phenomenon of oil leakage of packaging oily food is quite common. In the future, aim to different kinds of food, we should develop and produce functional special-purpose cardboard for packaging solid foods and packaging liquid foods.

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